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I paint, photograph, and speak about wild places in an act of reciprocity that is as vital to me as heartbeat or breath.


My interest in the magic and mystery of the natural world lies at the intersection of art and science. As a wildlife biologist by education and an artist by passion, I find unending inspiration in exploring the exquisite detail as well as secretive beauty and complexity of Nature.


I work at the confluence of these disciplines creating images that open eyes and hearts to the life and landscapes of the world’s great wild places. In doing so I attempt to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the beauty, diversity, and grace of our fragile planet.

"Nature has always been my friend, my mentor, and my muse." 

A Sip of Spring, Black-chinned Hummingbird and Mojave thistle gouache painting by wildlife artist and photographer S.K.Schafer available at


A Sip of Spring:

Black-chinned Hummingbird and Mojave Thistle


Gouache on Illustration board

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