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Standing Witness for the Sentient Wild



We are estranged from nature, possessed by an ecological autism that interferes with our ability to connect, communicate, and empathize with the more-than-human-world.


We stand apart, a drifting coiled thread turned in on itself having lost connection to the fabric of our animate earth. Our powerful cleverness seduces us into believing we possess a certain specialness and destiny that secures our independence from the reciprocal nature of the our world. 


This illusory sense of separation allows us to deceive ourselves into believing we have the independent power and right to claim dominance and secure dominion to satisfy every hunger and can do so with impunity.

A Sip of Spring, Black-chinned Hummingbird and Mojave thistle gouache painting by wildlife artist and photographer S.K.Schafer available at


The Clock Ticked Loud


24 x 32 inch Archival Print

"The trouble is,

you think you have time" 


6th century BC

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